Monday, January 6, 2014

Sleeping Babies

Last month Brandon and I went on a date to a basketball game and his mom watched Tyler and Kallie for us. We meant to bring our pack n play to her house so there would be two pack n plays for when she put them down. We forgot ours. So we told her just to put them in the same one and hopefully it would be okay. I had made them sleep in the same crib back in November when I was babysitting my nephew and needed a crib for him, so I knew it was possible.
Well, when we came home she told us they went down really well and I went to go find them and this is what I found. Tyler totally has his arm around Kallie. Cutest thing ever!!! We pretty much died from how cute this was and Brandon decided they needed to sleep together from then on.
This was the picture of them sleeping together when I babysat my nephew.
Anyway, from that night on, they have slept together in Tyler's crib almost every day. It doesn't seem to work as well for naps so I usually put them in their own cribs at naptime but at bedtime they almost always sleep together. I have some other friends with twins who kept them in the same crib a lot longer than I did (we separated Tyler and Kallie at about 4 months I think) and I always wondered how that would work, but now I know, it's totally possible! They just find room in there somehow.
So now I am kind of obsessed and every time I go to check on them I can't help but take a picture. It's so fun to see their different sleeping positions.