Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trying New Things

Yes folks, that is me sewing!! Brandon's mom bought me a sewing machine for Christmas two years ago and I have just recently started using it! I made the kids pillow cases for Christmas. I also made Mckinley a little crayon roll up holder for Christmas. And then I have fixed quite a few things, shortened sleeves on some shirts, repaired holes in a few things, and fixed our two broken baby doll stroller seats. I have actually enjoyed it! And I am quite proud of myself.
 Kallie decided to try taking a bath with all her clothes on. Ha ha ha. I think this look is saying "something doesn't feel quite right."
The triplets (Tyler, Kallie, and Mav) playing the piano at my mom's house.
Tyler and Kallie love coloring.
We have been letting Tyler and Kallie feed themselves with a spoon. It is quite messy but they are learning and getting better each time they do it. 
We started having FHE for the first time. This was our first FHE. We had a 30 second lesson on service, and then made cookies for Mckinley's old nursery leaders, now that she is a sunbeam. Speaking of, Mckinley is a sunbeam now! She has the best teacher in the world and absolutely loves going to primary.
I bought yeast for the first time in my entire life and made dough. Twice. Both times we made some homemade pizzas and scones for Navajo tacos. Tonight I couldn't decide what to make for dinner so I ended up making stuff for four things. We ended up eating the pizza. :)
Mckinley is learning how to cut her own food with a knife and fork. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.