Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First signs of affection and playing in the snow

So, we bought a laptop! Super exciting and I am hoping I can blog more often now that we have it, but I can't get things quite figured out tonight so I am just on the computer once again. Anyway, the whole month of January passed me by and so there are going to be a bunch of posts.
Kallie and Tyler having a little Costco cuddle.
These guys have started giving each other kisses and it is the cutest thing ever!!!
I just die every time I see this picture. It's my phone background right now. Tyler has started making the kissing noise now too. So cute!!
Cutest picture ever of Mckinley helping Brandon shovel the driveway.
We let these guys play out in the snow for like five minutes once.
Mckinley on the other hand always asks to go out in the snow. She got herself all dressed to go outside. A skirt and snow boots. That is so Mckinley. I don't mind if she dresses like this because I know she won't last long out there. All she does is putter around making footprints in the snow anyway.