Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Grandma Bishop

My Grandma Bishop passed away in her sleep on Sunday night, the week of Christmas. It was very unexpected to me. Apparently she got a cough the Wednesday before and my dad suspected this might take her but he didn't even let me know she was sick. I had been meaning to take my kids to go visit her and I wish I would have, but I am very glad that I was able to spend so much time with her the last couple of years. When we lived in my parents' house when Mckinley was almost 2, Mckinley and I went and visited her several times a week. She really loved Mckinley. And of course she was so excited to hear I was expecting twins because she had twins as well. We used to talk a lot about that. And she just loved seeing Tyler and Kallie every chance she got.

This card I got from her on Christmas Eve was a little extra special this year...

It was so nice to see so many relatives and friends at her viewing the night before, and at her funeral on Monday.

Some of the displays of her artwork and the dolls she collected.

At the cemetery.

Almost all 40 of her grandchildren. I am so glad we got to grow up on the same street together our whole lives. I love all of these people!

Mckinley loved Great Grandma Bishop so much and would always tell her that her dress or necklace was very pretty.

I thought for sure I had a more recent picture of Tyler and Kallie with her but I can't find it anywhere!!

Christmas 2014

I knew Christmas would be fun. With the ages of our kids, it would be impossible not to. The kids had an absolute blast.

We got together with all of my family when Amy and Adam were in town to make gingerbread houses again. My mom provided everything. It was so fun!

Christmas Eve we always have dinner at my mom and dad's house. My mom made costumes for all the grand kids to perform a quick nativity. It was really cute! I have a picture of the final scene but it must be on Brandon's phone.

Mckinley got to be Mary and Kallie was an angel. Tyler of course wouldn't wear his shepherd costume.

Christmas morning Mckinley woke up at 6:30, came running in to our room and yelled "Santa came!!!" By 7 she woke up Kallie. The first thing Kallie noticed when she came out was this plate and she proceeded to say "Reindeer eat carrot, (which sounds like cay-uht) Santa ate coooookie, Santa ate milk (miwk) all gone!" She said it over and over and it was so cute.

When Mckinley went to wake up Tyler she told him Santa came and he mumbled back Santa came. Then he said no sit Santa lap! He thought Santa was actually here. Ha ha ha.

The kids had so much fun opening all their presents and loved everything they got.

After Kallie opened her Anna doll, Anna had to be sitting right next to her to open anymore presents.

We hoped we would get a white Christmas and we got pretty much the best white Christmas ever. It snowed all day and was so beautiful.

We headed over to Brandon's parents' house at 11 for our gift exchange.

Tyler and Kallie were so excited about their new laptops from Grandpa that they couldn't even look up for a picture.

As soon as we got home that afternoon Mckinley and Brandon headed out to go sledding on the golf course.

Kallie got the cutest Frozen nightgown from the cousin exchange.

Tyler trying on Mr. Potato Head's glasses. :)

Mckinley got an Orb Factory chandelier and had a blast putting 1500 stickers on it! Probably my favorite present too.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Crafting

Having a four year old girl is so much fun! She loves to make crafts and we have been doing everything we can think of this Christmas.

The kids went crazy over the snowman. Even though we have no white doors in our house. To the left is our Christmas paper chain countdown. Which is one of many countdowns we have going.

Another one is gluing cotton balls onto Santa's beard.

And of course the chocolate advent calendars Brandon's dad buys the kids each year. They loooove these!

Here's our tree. I added ribbon to it this year. Tyler and Kallie surprised me and pulled ornaments off like crazy the first little bit but they have been doing really well lately and are finally leaving them on.

Mckinley comes home from school every day dressed up as an elf or a reindeer or something else. her teacher is so creative and they are celebrating Christmas all month long.

 After we made our marshmallow tree I let the kids make "their" letters.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas season

This Christmas has already been a magical one and I am so excited for the actual day.

Tyler and Kallie are at great ages. They will have so much fun. And of course Mckinley is loving every minute of all of it.

All of the kids love seeing the lights on our tree and garlands and love seeing all the Christmas lights outside. It is so fun to enjoy Christmas through your children's eyes.

The first Monday in December we watched a 7 minute clip called the Nativity for FHE. The kids were enthralled and have asked several times a day since to watch it. They absolutely love it. It's so fun.

This week for FHE we put together a gingerb

 We haven't done one in quite a few years. The kids loved it of course.

A Christmas miracle would be if we could get all three kids to hold still and smile for a picture.

I am just soaking up every day of this month and have never been more excited for Christmas in my life. Last year was a pretty awesome Christmas and this year the kids are at even better ages and I just can't wait!

Live Nativity

Last year we rode the Christmas train in Lindon and this year my mom took us all to the live nativity in Alpine.

They had all sorts of animals, horses, cows, donkeys, sheep, camels, pigs, ducks, goats, and more.

Two hours later we finally got to see the baby Jesus. Kallie only asked to see the baby Jesus about 200 times along the way. The wait was way too long for me and I probably won't be doing this again, but it was cool to do once.


This has been such a fun month. We have had beautiful weather and have had so much fun enjoying the Christmas spirit and the holiday season. A few random pictures from December to start out.

We patch one of Mckinley's eyes for two hours a day to help strengthen her other eye. Tyler and Kallie think it's fun to wear a patch too.

Mckinley had her first cavities filled this month. She had two done already and has one more to go. She did really well and didn't have to be put under.

Kristen made these cute leggings for the girls. I love matching kids! Now I know why my mom did it so much to me and Kristen growing up.

Mckinley got really obsessed with this Edible Arrangements calendar (thanks Anna!) and insisted that I make her one. I did the best I could. :) She loved it.