Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Fun

Mckinley's teacher asked her to come back for the last day of summer school, even though she didn't go to summer school. And of course she had a blast being back there again.

This is Tyler and Kallie when they should have been napping. They have been soooooo hard to get down for naps so I decided to give up on naps and I was actually quite happy about the freedom it gave me to be able to do whatever we wanted the whole day but now it is backfiring and they end up crashing for a late nap every single day. Which ruins bedtime every single day. As if it wasn't already awful before. It is just such a mess right now.

We had a lot of fun while Brandon's sister Tara was in town, including a fun swimming day at Scera Pool.

I made a summer bucket list awhile ago and then pretty much forgot about it. I decided I wanted to do a few things on it. This was supposed to be our really fun awesome summer since our kids are getting older and our babies that should have been born in February/June weren't ever born. But then we moved and that was chaotic and the twins are still the biggest handful ever so it wasn't as glorious as I thought. But we still decided to at least check a few things off the bucket list, one of which was hiking the Y.

Brandon invited his family and it was so much fun with a lot of people.

Tyler and Kallie were pretty much carried the whole way up and down, which was annoying, but we all eventually made it.

Mckinley whined quite a bit about the hiking, which I expected. It felt good to touch the Y though and the kids think it is cool to see it on the mountain and know that they climbed up and touched it.

We have the best neighborhood ever! We absolutely love it here. Every year on the 24th of July some of our neighbors host a cul-de-sac of fire and it's super fun. Lots of food and fun and fireworks. We love it!

My brother Todd was in town for 2 days and we had a lot of fun with them while they were here. We went swimming at the Lehi pool because it was super windy that day so we needed to swim indoors.

Then we had a really fun picnic dinner at Bonneville Park. The twins were just getting the hang of their little scooters we opened a few days before.

Since I haven't done an ounce of decorating in our new house, this spot works great for time out. Lol.

We have been to the Manila Pond a few times this year. The kids always love it.

I never put the kids down for naps anymore and this is usually where they crash.

All ready for Church one Sunday.

Mckinley loves playing with her cute friend Kenzey. These girls have been friends since birth. I can't believe they are about to start Kindergarten in a few weeks! It's so weird watching your kids grow up.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cabin Trip

Right after the 4th of July Brandon's entire extended family went to Canada for a big reunion. We backed out last minute because the twins are so hard to handle and we just didn't think the trip made sense for our family. I'm so sad we missed it and I really would have loved to see his grandparents, but we will just add it to the very long list of sacrifices we have made since we had twins.

The week after we were supposed to go to Canada we went on a short trip to the cabin. It was so fun. The kids loved it. My mom rented two 4-wheelers and we had a blast riding around on them.

Tyler wanted to hold the fish one of his cousins caught.

We were able to go out on the lake for the first time in a paddle boat. It was pretty windy that day so it was hard to get around out on the water but it was fun anyway.

I love that my kids are making memories just like I did when I was their age.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July

After we rode up in a balloon the kids had a morning nap and so we were able to go swimming in a pond for the afternoon with some of my family. The kids had such a great time and were so well behaved. It was wonderful!

Mckinley once again was quick to make friends with a perfect stranger, her second cousin. They were so cute swimming out holding onto this paddle.

That night we went to Pizza Factory with all of the Salmons. This is all of the Salmon grand kids except Hadlee who lives in Seattle now.

The morning of the fourth we got to go to the parade. We had so much fun. Ross saved us great seats.

I was thinking my kids didn't have anything patriotic to wear but I forgot about this cute dress my neighbor Amber made for Mckinley two years ago. And my other amazing neighbor Andrea had just given me some hand me downs for Tyler and I found this among them. Score!

Mckinley on the other hand doesn't own anything red. Oops. I want to do better next year.

Mckinley loves her adorable cousin Abby. I love watching them together.

Shellee's family provided face painting for the kids which was super fun.

Our group.

I love watching the kids standing up. They all loved the parade. The weather was perfect too.

Later that night we went to Blake and Kim's and did some fireworks with them. We had a really great 4th. What a fun time of year!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Hot Air Balloons!

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and my very favorite tradition of all is waking up to see the hot air balloons. Me and Brandon have done this every year since we have been married.

Tyler didn't like the loud noise from the fire.

Two years ago Brandon and I had tickets from his Dad (love NuSkin hookups!!) to ride up in a balloon but the weather was bad that day and none of the balloons could fly. We were so sad. Brandon had been up in a balloon before but I never had and I was dying to go. Well this year we got tickets again and we had such a great time riding up in a balloon!

Pictures from taking off...

Up in the air.

See the other hot air balloons down on the field?

It was so peaceful and so much fun. We had one small hiccup where we crashed into a tree, but we survived! And had a great time.

Our pilot with his crazy flag hair.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Once upon a time I went to college. Like, a long time ago. And one of my college roommates from my freshman year was in town so I got to meet up with her. Which was so fun! I hadn't seen her for 13 years. She is on the left, Christina. In the middle is Laura. I don't get to see her as much as I'd like either. It sure was fun meeting up at Chic Fil A and chatting with these two!

Then a day or two later I got to see two of Kristen's roommates from the same year. I was really close with them as well. It was so fun! Kristen hosted a really fun BBQ at her house. We had amazing food, and then they watched a movie on her blow up screen. We had to leave to get up for hot air balloons in the morning, but we are so glad we could go.

I love watching Mckinley make friends instantly with strangers. Joanna and I were pregnant together and London was born on my birthday, just two weeks before Mckinley was born. They had fun playing together.

This beautiful sunset was a perfect ending to a really fun night.