Thursday, October 18, 2012

3 Weeks Old

Oh my gosh, the twins are three weeks old today. That is so weird. It's weird that they are still under their birth weights. When Mckinley was three weeks old I took her over to my friend Cyleste's to see her new baby and Mckinley looked like a giant compared to her. It's weird to think that these babies are still smaller than when they were born. Well, Tyler might be back up to his birth weight by now but I doubt Kallie is. We'll find out on Monday at their next weigh in.
My mom has been over helping me and allowing me to take naps. It's been so awesome!!
I guess I haven't outgrown my love for dolls, I decided to play dress ups with my baies. Aren't they cute?
Mckinley and Dad. These two have done some major bonding lately. Not that they needed it. But Brandon has tried extra hard to give Mckinley lots of attention and she is loving it! They are so cute together.
My sister Kristen made these cute pumpkin hats for the babies for Halloween. Love them!
Mckinley's cousin Brynlee turned 4 today. Brynlee is pretty much Mckinley's favorite person in the world. She wanted to call her today and sing Happy Birthday to her. Then after the song she said, It's your birthday Brynlee! You're 4!! So cute. The other night in Walmart Mckinley randomly started singing Happy Birthday so I sang along with her and said Happy Birthday dear Mckinley... She cut me off and said no! It's not my birthday. It's Brynlee's!
Oh, how I love these babies.
My baby blues are gone. Yay! Yesterday I woke up and they had magically disappeared. Gotta love that. A whole week of crying was enough for me. I'm so glad it's over. And I bet Brandon is too. The twins still seem hungry sometimes right after I nurse them which is frustrating but I think we're making progress and I know before long we will be in a good routine and life will be awesome. It's pretty darn good right now. I still can't believe they are three weeks old.


Blake ~ Amber ~ Noah ~ Jade said...

Oh my gosh stephanie, they are adorable! Congratulations!! When your up at night wishing you could get some sleep, just think of me :) I mean, I definitely dont have 2 babies but guarantee im up too :) my baby was up ALL night last night. Crazy because she had been doing so good for 3 weeks now :/ I love how you dressed them up in those adorable sweat outfits! Super Cute!