Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Twins Meet Great Grandma

The other day my dad brought my grandma over to the house to meet the twins. Mckinley and I became quite close with Grandma while we lived on the same street as her for 10 months. We love visiting her and were glad she could come visit us since we can't take the twins to her house yet.

Grandma and Tyler.

Grandma with Kallie.

61 years before I gave birth to my twins, Grandma Bishop gave birth to identical twin boys. The biggest difference between our two pregnancies was that she didn't know she was having twins until she delivered them. She delivered one baby and then the doctor said, there's another one coming! Can you imagine? Anyway, our twins were born one day apart (plus 61 years). I thought that was pretty cool.

There are still lots of you who haven't met the twins yet. Feel free to come on over and snuggle them! It's heavenly.


nora.lakehurst said...

That is amazing! Your grandmother is a beautiful woman. Im glad you got to live close to her. I miss my grandmother a lot. She isn't dead. But she lives in Nebraska and we are best friends.

Laura said...

Steph they are beautiful. I am so happy for you guys!