Friday, October 5, 2012

One Week Old

These babies are a week old and we are in love! They have their nights and days mixed up but I know eventually they'll get it right.

We had to take them back to the hospital twice to get their bilirubin levels tested but luckily they finally went down without having to go on the lights.

Tyler got circumsized at the doctors office on Monday. Brandon and I both watched the procedure. I thought it was amazing.

Mckinley is a dream come true. I don't think any toddler could have a better reaction to new babies in the house than she did. She absolutely loves them and has shown no signs of jealousy.

We are seriously enjoying every minute. Looking forward to snuggling our babies all weekend long while we watch general conference.

I am going to have some ADORABLE pictures of these twins to share soon. My sweet friend Karla Southern came over and did a newborn photo shoot and the pictures are to die for. You may have seen some of them on Facebook. I can't wait to get thm all!!!


Amanda&Wade said...

Steph! They are so cute!!!! I can't stand it. I want to hold them! I can't believe they are already one week :) That seemed fast! :)