Monday, October 8, 2012

Post #300

We sure have come a long way in 300 posts. I never would have guessed when I started this blog that post #300 would find me with the most adorable and fun little toddler ever, and two precious twin babies. I feel so blessed!

Mckinley cleaning the fingerprints off a DVD before she put it in the player. It's crazy how much she mimics what I do.

Mckinley giving Kallie kisses.

Gotta keep things even. Kisses for Tyler too.

We told Mckinley to fold her arms during the prayer while we were watching General Conference. She set the phone down and folded her arms, but leaned over to still watch her movie during the prayer. Ha ha ha.

We had so much fun snuggling our sleeping babies while watching General Conference this last weekend.

Babies finally got their first sponge bath. This is Tyler.

Kallie getting bathed.
 Since we didn't get a shot of them on the scale when they were born, I took pictures during their first check up at 5 days old. Tyler. 5 lbs 6 oz 

Kallie. 6 lbs even.

Brandon has done an amazing job of making sure Mckinley still gets the attention she needs. This guy seriously wins the  Dad of the century award.

These poor babies had to spend a lot of time in the sun until their jaundice levels went down. We are glad they didn't have to lay on the light tables though.

Our first little family walk down the street to the mailbox. Oh my heavens we have three kids.

Check out these adorable blankets my sister-in-law Tara sent to us. Mckinley immediately put the pink one on Kallie and the blue one on Tyler.

Just a cute shot of Kallie. It's so fun to put her in all of Mckinley's cute outfits.

Wow, I am a mother of twins. The first 11 days have gone so well. We have two very good babies (so far). Of course they have fussy times (usually at night) but overall I know we have it very easy and I am so grateful. I have been able to nurse both of them. They are pretty good eaters. They do seem to sleep peacefully all day and then at night they lay in the pack n play awake or fussing a little. But two nights ago they had two 5.5 hour stretches in between feedings and last night they went 7 hours, and then 5 after that. I consider myself to be very lucky!!!


Stacey said...

they are adorable and so tiny. my babies came home the day before conference last year so we were able to snuggle them all through conference too. It was so fun. This year I literally laughed out loud several times because this year was so different. It's amazing what a difference a year makes. They were not so tiny and cuddly this time around.

Jamie said...

congratulations!!!! i love the names you picked out. THe babies are so cute. I'm just so happy for you all. You've been so patient and positive waiting for your little family. I'm glad this part has been fun and easy since getting them here wasn't so much! :)