Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby Food

Since Tyler and Kallie are almost 6 months old, we decided we would feed them some baby food. I blended some steamed carrots in the Blendtec and it seriously looked better than the stuff you buy in the store. I froze a bunch of it in ice cube trays. I am so pumped about this! I don't want to buy any baby food. Who knows if I'll really stick to that, but I hope so.
These guys aren't sitting on their own quite yet so I was worried about how the high chair thing would work out but they both fit in there just perfectly and looked so big!
I can't believe Mckinley was sitting in this very chair like 7 months ago. Kallie looks so big! 
Tyler thought eating food was the funnest thing he'd ever done. He would laugh so hard when I would give him a bite.
It got pretty messy after a while but was fun.
Kallie didn't like it much. She gagged and spit most of it back out but this morning she did much better.
Ah! Love this pic.


bishopfamily said...

So cute! They are getting so big. I can't believe it's already been 6 months. Wow, the time flies. You're so smart to do your own baby food. I usually mash up whatever we are eating and give it to Boston. He doesn't really like baby food so it works. I need to just take a whole day and make a ton of food and feeze it....maybe one day when I have energy! Love the pics!