Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kallie and Tyler

Kallie and Tyler are coming up on 6 months. They are so stinking awesome and so fun. I think Tyler is the better baby right now, mostly because Kallie is a pain to feed. She doesn't have a huge appetite, but she does love her sleep. They are both great babies and we just love them to death.
They are so big! Definitely not big enough to share things like bouncer chairs anymore. They have been in separate cribs since about 4 months.
Ha ha, Kallie doesn't like it when he gets in her space.
Ah! Cuteness!
Love their smiles.
Poor Tyler still spits up like there is no tomorrow. It is the worst thing I have to deal with (yes, I know I'm lucky if that's the worst thing I have to deal with). It's driving me insane. The poor guy will spit up and then lay in it sometimes. :(
They love their exersaucers so much!
Ha! Tyler has been rolling on to his stomach forever now and he even does it when he's eating and then tries to drink his bottle this way. Not gonna work buddy.
I haven't written very much about what they do on this blog, I keep a journal for them. But they both roll to their stomachs, and are both starting to get their knees up underneath them when they're on their stomachs. We are working on sitting up alone, it's hard to find time to help them though. They have both slept through the night since 3 months, Kallie started at 2 1/2. They got a nasty long lasting cold in February that kept them up a little more at night and now we are sick again with another cold but they are still pretty happy and good. Tyler loves to eat, and it shows. He is so chubby and I think he weighs about 3 pounds more than Kallie. He is about 16 pounds and she is hopefully up to 13 by now. We'll find out for sure at their 6 month appointment next week. Tyler has always been so smiley and happy and will sometimes burst into laughter when you're not even looking at him. Anyone can get him to laugh so easy. Kallie has an adorable smile and a cute, deep sounding laugh. She is so peaceful and literally just closes her eyes and goes to sleep when you lay her in her crib. She struggles to finish her bottles most of the time and is really hard to feed. We want her to gain weight so it's kind of a struggle but she is doing okay. She took longer than Tyler to learn to roll to her stomach but she does it all the time now, and then often cries when she's on her stomach. Her favorite place is in the exersaucer. Tyler will get to his stomach and then turn in circles and scoot all around the floor to reach things he wants. Which is a problem because then he barfs all over the carpet. Grr. But he's so cute and we love him anyway. Neither of them poop very often, like once or twice a week. Kallie has never had a blowout or a diaper rash. Tyler gets rashes all the time. They both love the bath and love to splash in the water and they don't care when Mckinley helps me bathe them and pours water right over their face. They both love Mckinley and she is so cute when she plays with them. They interact with each other a lot and always hold hands when I am nursing them together. I still nurse them as much as I can but I have never made enough milk for both of them so they have always had to be supplemented with formula. They drink more formula now than breast milk, by a long shot. But I haven't given up yet. Anyway, that's about all I can think of for now. We also started feeding them baby food last night, but that will be a post of its own.


3boys2girls said...

Just an FYI I used the drop in bottles and then you push out the air and they can drink them sitting up or whatever other crazy position they want! They are so cute!! Sarah