Thursday, March 21, 2013


This was the longest, coldest winter Utah has seen in a long time. EVERYONE is so excited for Spring. So as soon as it got a little warm, we spent as much time as we could outside going on walks and going to the park.
Mckinley started out being really scared to go down any slides by herself, even tiny ones in people's back yards. But thanks to a really fun picnic we went on as a family, Brandon helped her be brave enough to do it on her own. And she did. Again and again and again.
This is the picnic. We packed a lunch and walked to the park near our house. I hope to do this pretty much every Saturday for the rest of the summer as long as it is nice weather.
Mckinley laying down eating her sandwich.
A bit harder to get a family shot with self portraits these days so we did it in two pictures.
The babies were of course angels and slept in their car seats while we had our picnic.
Pretty sure Mckinley would swing on the swing for hours if we let her.
Still learning to not be scared of the slide...
Brandon started chasing her so she would run and go down the slide by herself. Finally!
So cute! Yay for warm weather. Can't wait till it comes back and is here to stay.