Monday, March 4, 2013


For Valentine's Day Brandon bought us another night's stay at the hotel in Lehi.
Right when we got there Mckinley ran over to the window to take a peek at the pool.
This picture sums up our trip in a nutshell. Mckinley loves swimming. It's adorable how excited she gets about it.
And just some other pictures now that we got Brandon's pictures uploaded to the computer.
Love sleeping pictures!
These next two were sick sleeping pictures though. Still cute, but very sad. We have had a miserable couple weeks, with all five of us being sick with the longest lasting cold there ever was. It's still lingering now. Warm weather could not come sooner for us!
Love that cute tongue!
Tyler and Kallie are 5 months old now. It's crazy how fast they grow and how much they are learning. They are going to be mobile before we know it.