Thursday, March 21, 2013


Seriously can not get enough of Mckinley. She is the funnest two year old there ever was. I can't believe she's so close to turning three! Love her to pieces.
Her hair is getting so long. And boy does this girl LOVE the bath. She would take three baths a day if I let her.
Still in love with her stuffed animals. She put them to bed and covered them with coordinating blankets. (of course)
She loves to help me sweep up the crumbs under her bar stool where she eats. Yay for kids doing chores!
She is obsessed with playing outside in our tiny little backyard. We are so excited for warm weather to come and stay!
We go hang out at Kristen's or my mom's whenever we can and always have a blast. She is so good to nap anywhere we go. Here she is in Kristen's bed.
 And in my mom's bed. For some reason whenever she naps at my mom's she naps forever! Sometimes I have to wake her up at the end of the day to go home. And while we're on the subject of naps, she didn't take a nap Monday or Tuesday this week. Then yesterday she played with her cousins so didn't get a nap again. She crashed on the couch at 4:30 in the afternoon in her clothes and never woke up. Well, she woke up for a second so we brought her to her bed, still in her clothes, and she stayed asleep. She came into my room at 1 and hung out for almost an hour, watching shows on my phone. Then I brought her to the bathroom, put her pajamas on her, and put her back in bed at 2:00 a.m. She slept till 7. That was her longest night yet! And earliest bedtime by far.

On Thursdays we have been trying to do a play group at my mom's with my sister and sisters-in-law. This is Mckinley with all her boy cousins eating popsicles outside at Grandma's. So fun!

She wore a hole in the knee of her jeans. Kind of makes me tear up a little to think I have a child old enough and active enough to do that. I love it! I may turn these into cut off shorts for the summer because they were such cute jeans.

This is one of my favorite pictures that Brandon took on his phone. Playing trouble with her "aminals." She still says that word wrong and I kind of love it.
She put this on in Target and said "I'm a bad guy."
Lately she has been having birthday parDee's with her animals and making them party hats.
The other day outside she walked to the outside wall of our house and said "I'm just giving our house a kiss Mom." Where she comes up with this stuff, I don't know, but I can't get enough!
Putting Sleeping Beauty Aurora in the exersaucer. She has always treated her dolls and toys like real people. So sweet!