Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Mckinley makes every holiday the "best one yet." She is getting so much more fun as she gets older and understands more what is going on.
A week before Easter we went to Brandon's parents' ward Easter egg hunt. We have gone every year and always love it.
McKinley waiting for it to start.
 Finding eggs inside the nursery since there was snow on the ground outside.
She had a blast and decided that certain colors of eggs were for certain people. Pink for her, blue for dad, purple for Mom, etc. She was quite obsessed with that this year. 
We had a little mini egg hunt for play group at my mom's house and colored some Easter eggs.

Then Saturday, the day before Easter was the big Easter egg hunt that Brandon's dad does every year. Poor Mckinley was so anxious for it to start ever since she woke up at 7 a.m. that morning until it finally started at like 10:30.

She definitely knew what to do by now and got busy putting as many eggs as she could in her basket.

This was the first year the adults didn't find eggs. It was all for the kids and it was so fun to follow McKinley around and help her.

Brandon ended up taking eggs back out of her basket and hiding them again for her a bunch of times because she had so much fun finding them.
Ah! Favorite picture.
Tyler and Kallie slept through the whole thing. Can't believe they'll be out there running around with Mckinley next year.
We did our own Easter egg hunt for her at home on Easter morning, with the same candy she found the day before. So easy to please at this age. Here she is holding up both of her Easter dresses, but she is looking at the front of them. Ha ha. Love it.
Oh, she looked so cute at Church today. Minus her shoes that were too big and she couldn't even walk in them. Oops...
Family shot. First one in a long time. We need to get some real ones taken.

 We had a wonderful Easter and are so grateful for our little family and the love that we share.


Lucky to be the mom said...

I think every time I comment i say the same thing...
it's a joy to be able to 'watch' your family! We miss you. We're delighted for you. There are lots of oohs and aahs and squeals of delight as we follow your adventures :)
Claire leaves May 1st for her've been such a wonderful influence on her, thank you!
Love, The Ferrins