Monday, May 5, 2014

California Adventure Day 2

Finally!! A fun day where Tyler and Kallie were actually good!!! I'm not sure if they were just used to it by then, or if it was because we took them on a lot more rides that they could enjoy, but we finally had a good day. Even though it was sooooo hot.

Our first day there it was around 80 and it felt so hot but the forecast for our other two park days were in the high 90s. Luckily there was a lot of wind. I think that saved us.

My first time on the ferris wheel at California Adventure. It was super windy up top which felt soooo good.

Mckinley and I rode the jelly fish ride together.

I took this guys to A Bug's Land to get in the splash pad and cool down but they fell asleep on the way over. They only slept about an hour but it must have been enough because we didn't have to go back to the hotel once the entire day. We stayed in the park from open to close.

This was the scene a lot of the time. All the strollers and a few people watching all the babies while people went on rides.

Mckinley and Brandon rode the swings together. This is a ride my stomach can't handle.

These cute shirts had the number of grandchildren in the order they were born. Such a fun idea. We got so many comments the whole week on our shirts. Everyone loved them. These two had a blast feeding ducks while we waited for someone going on a ride.

Tyler and Kallie both loved the carousel. We took them on it a few times.

 Mckinley is such a doll. She was such a great age for a Disneyland trip.

The parade at California Adventure was really cute. We did quite a few things this trip because of all the little kids that I had never done before and I really enjoyed it.

I had three items on my food wish list and got them all. Dole whip, a corn dog, and then that Filipino dessert I already blogged about. So happy about all three!

So sad that Sam lives so far away. Mckinley was in heaven being with him so much.

On the cars ride. Such an amazing ride! And we did it right using fast passes and stroller passes the whole time. We never waited longer than 15 minutes to get on. Thanks to Brandon's mom and dad who waited in line to get fast passes for us first thing in the morning.