Monday, May 5, 2014

Las Vegas Part 1

So we just took a week long trip to Disneyland. I have a lot of pictures I want to post so I am going to break it down into smaller posts.

Saturday, April 26th we headed out to Las Vegas to stay for the night and break up the trip.

The kids started out okay in the car but did not travel as well as we thought they would.

We had to stop at Costco in St. George and just walk around for an hour to give them a break.

We got to the hotel and attempted to swim but it was super windy and freezing so we didn't last long.

We went out and got some dinner and then headed to the Bellagio. I can't go to Vegas and not visit the Bellagio. I love the display inside and the water fountain show outside.

I kept thinking our kids were going to crash anytime since they basically didn't nap at all on the drive but they stayed awake so we were able to join the family and ride on the High Roller, the highest ferris wheel in the world. Jason's buddy totally hooked us up with a free ride. That thing is huge.

Here we are inside one of the huge capsules.

Gives you a pretty amazing view of Vegas.

We let the kids nap in the hotel the next morning before we headed out to California (my idea) which ended up being a horrible idea because we got stuck in traffic and it took us 6 hours to get there instead of 4. Super annoying! Our kids were so whiny in the car and I was so frustrated with the traffic that I was ready to sell the van in California and just fly home. Our trip did not start out well.

We eventually got to California though and took a quick swim in the pool before heading to bed. Oh, and Brandon also had to run to Walmart to buy another pack n play because we only brought one and the hotel charges $10 a night to rent one. Lame.