Monday, May 5, 2014

California Adventure

Day two started out about as good as day one. Tyler was crying in the stroller before we even got into the park. While we were waiting for people to go on Soarin over California he was rolling around on the cement in a full out tantrum. I was so ready to throw in the towell and just be done with the trip.

Brandon's family was so good to help out though and watch our kids while we went on rides together. And I spent four hours in the hotel with the twins that day, they slept for the last three.

Cars Land was so cool. Everyone says it's cool so I thought we might be disappointed but we weren't. We loved it and spent a lot of time there.

This is how excited Mckinley was about going on the cars ride again once I finally came back to the park.

Such a great ride!

We took Tyler and Kallie on a few kiddie rides but they were still mostly just whiny and unhappy that day.

Mckinley loved Tower of Terror. At the end of our trip she said it was her favorite ride. She ended up going on it three times. I can't believe how brave she was and that she can go on more rides than me!

Love this shot of my boys.

Toy Story is always one of my favorite rides too. I'm so sad I only got to go on it once. 

Brandon took the twins home while Mckinley and I stayed for the World of Color show. It's long, but good.

That night we went to the hot tub to soak our feet and Mckinley kept getting out of bed and eventually crashed on Grandpa on the couch.

At this point, I think Tyler and Kallie had more fun in the hotel room than at the parks. We were so ready to have a day off!