Monday, May 5, 2014


Monday we went to Disneyland. It was definitely not the most fun day of our trip. By Monday night I wanted nothing more than to just go home and be done. Thankfully, things turned out a little better in the end.

This was Tyler the second we got into the park. And pretty much the whole day.

Tara helped everyone make these matching shirts that were actually quite helpful for finding each other.

First thing in the morning we went to meet some princesses. We knew Mckinley would love it and she did.

We got lucky and were able to ride splash mountain with a really short line. We were nervous about how Mckinley would like the bigger rides but she loved every one she went on and wasn't scared of anything.

After a few quick rides and meeting the princesses, Mckinley and I waited for an entire hour to go on the jungle cruise. She was in tears by the time we got on the ride and I wanted to cry but didn't. It was so frustrating. The twins were at least sleeping at this point and someone sat with them so Brandon could jump on last minute and go with us.

Mckinley had so much fun with her cousin Sam and all she ever wanted to do was ride rides with him. They had a blast together.

Thunder mountain railroad. Once again, we were a little nervous about how Mckinley would do but when it was over and I was ready to take a break (I get sick if I go on rides like that more than once) all she wanted to do was go on it again. So she did.

This picture is classic. Mckinley not looking, Tyler trying to get out of his stroller, Kallie with her hairband thrown away, no shoes on, and picking her nose. :)

I can't do the teacups but I'll get my picture taken in one.

I love Mckinley's hand waving to the princesses at the parade. We took a break in the hotel in the evening but went back for the parade and to meet up with my brother and his wife.

I love meeting up with these two every time we go to Disneyland.

I took the twins back to the hotel and Brandon stayed and waited with Mckinley for an HOUR for the Dumbo ride. So many rides were closed at Disneyland (Pirates, Indiana Jones, Small World, the carousel, and more) that it made the lines ridiculous for everything else. Even though this was supposed to be a slow week at Disneyland. We really didn't enjoy our day there all that much.

I wore my pedometer every day and it was fun to see how many steps I got.

Thankfully, after a good night's rest, we were ready to hit up California Adventure the next day.