Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mckinley's First Dance Recital

Mckinley had her first dance recital and it was so cute!

We signed her up last minute in January (she missed the first two weeks of class) at a place called Dansation.

She had so much fun going every week and danced her heart out at the recital. Her group had the most adorable costumes!

I don't expect anyone else to watch these, and I'm not even sure if blogger will upload them, but I am posting these on here so I can watch them from wherever I am.

Tap Dance

The best family shot we could get. Ha ha ha.

Kristen is so nice and left work to do Mckinley's hair and make up and to come to the recital.

My mom and dad came and also Brandon's parents but I don't have a picture of them with Mckinley. I need to get it from Ross.

Anyway, we had a blast and are so proud of Mckinley. She is such a joy. Easiest kid ever.