Monday, May 5, 2014

Home Sweet Home

We knew the trip home would be better than on the way there when it started out like this. We never had even a minute on the way down where all three kids were sleeping at once.

We stayed in a different hotel in Vegas on the way home that had a really fun pool. We had amazing weather this time too and had a really fun afternoon swimming in the pool.

Love love love this picture!!!!

That night we went to Dickey's BBQ for dinner. I had never eaten there before and thought it was sooooo good. When I told Mckinley to smile she put her hands in the air. Still in roller coaster mode I suppose. :)

So driving home when we were about an hour out we put on Surf's Up and I said Mckinley, when this show is over, we'll be home. She started giggling and laughing and then was literally crying tears of joy. It was so awesome.

Now that the trip is over, I think we can say we enjoyed it and maybe, just maybe, we will do something like this again. It definitely wasn't the ideal age for Tyler and Kallie but we knew that going in to it and the timing wasn't up to us.