Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ava's first week

I may have gone a little photo crazy the first week of Ava's life. But I give no excuses, no baby has ever been more loved than this one. 

Brandon took the kids to the BYU homecoming parade while I stayed home with Ava. They had a blast. Best parade ever.

Kallie always tickles Ava's face with her hair to calm her down. Ha ha ha.

At 4 days old I was taking a selfie and Mckinley was right there and when I took this picture she said Mom! Ava smiled right when you took that picture!! And she was right. What a random catch, but I'll treasure it forever.

These guys are just thrilled over their baby sister and can't get enough. I love that in a lot of the pictures of someone holing her, Tyler's hand is on her head. He is so gentle and soft with her. Just the most tender brother ever. So sweet.

My sister-in-law Chandra gave me a baby backpack and I love it. I have never carried my babies before in one of these and I have really been enjoying it.

Ava loves to poop during a diaper change. She started at the hospital and hasn't stopped since. This is the first time she really sprayed me. It was disgusting. She has had poop in every single diaper I have ever changed. A first for me. All of my other kids would go days in between pooping. So we are cruising through diapers like there's no tomorrow.

My mom brought over this cute haunted gingerbread house and put it together with the kids.

Sleeping in her bassinet. Ava has been such a good sleeper and has had some seriously amazing nights, with only a few bad ones.

Ha ha, her sisters are teaching her the life of a princess at an early age.

Brandon let the kids snuggle her in their own beds one night for a few minutes and they were so excited.

Here she is at 1 week old. Pure heaven!!!!