Sunday, October 16, 2016

Home Sweet Home

We have been home now for 2 and a half days and it has been so wonderful. I think pumping has made the biggest difference and everything has been really easy and the kids can't get enough of Ava.

She has done super well at nights and is alert for a couple hours first thing in the morning which has been really fun.

We even took advantage of the good weather on Saturday and took a quick little trip to the park. We ran into our pediatrician there. So fun to see him three days in a row. We love Dr. Bailey!

Kallie was so excited to push the stroller with me.

I took a selfie today with Ava and Mckinley said "Mom, she smiled right when you took that picture!!" So I looked at my phone and sure enough, I randomly caught this super cute smile of our little angel girl at just 4 days old. We are so in love and just can't get enough snuggle time in.