Sunday, October 16, 2016

The hospital stay

That first day was pretty frustrating and a little emotional for me being alone in my hospital room while Brandon was with Ava in the NICU. I felt a little guilty too having her barely get released to us and then I sent her to the nursery and asked them to keep her all night so I could sleep.

The next morning when they brought her to me it was so fun to see her finally bathed and clean. She was so alert in the morning.

We had such a nice relaxing hospital stay and were so grateful for Shannon and my mom for watching our kids for us. We had very few visitors and it was just very low key and enjoyable, especially all the room service.

My mom brought the twins again the next day to see her. They were so cute and sweet to her. Kallie wanted to share cookies and ice cream with her.

Mckinley got to come later that night and she was so excited to be able to feed the baby. I have been almost exclusively pumping and it has been so heavenly. It's working out great for us.

The morning we took her home Brandon just stayed home with the kids, checked Mckinley out of school early and we got to leave the hospital as a family. So much fun and different than the last time where Mckinley didn't even get to see Kallie in the hospital at all.