Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Brandon's brother Jordan is being assigned in England with the air force for the next four years. So his entire family came into town for the fourth of July. We always love when cousins come to town.

One of the first nights everyone was here all the boys went up to a summer league Jazz game and the girls all got together and had Cafe Rio.

I don't even know when this was, but I saw it, and it was too cute not to post.

Tyler loves having a brother so much!!!

So a few days after everyone got into town, on July 3rd, Ross and Karen rented out the entire Scera pool just for our family. It was so fun to have the pool completely to ourselves and not have to wait in line for the slides! The kids had a blast.

Karen held Jackson for me for a while so I could swim.

It was Haley's birthday that day so we all sat around after swimming and ate Costco birthday cake. Yum!

When I got out of the pool and was about to change Jackson into his pajamas, he smiled at me! Haley was standing with me and she said oh, that was a cute smile. And I was like, Haley! That was his FIRST smile! A birthday present for her. Ha ha. So he has been smiling for a week now but I haven't caught it on camera and Brandon still hasn't seen him smile. This was a picture I took right after he smiled when I was trying to get him to smile more.