Monday, July 15, 2019

More Summer Fun

We really had such a great time spending so much time with cousins this July. 

Water games in Karen's backyard.

Hadlee was so in love with Jackson and held him any chance she got.

I love when a huge group of kids gathers around one phone. So cute.

Sam and Brynlee made chocolate covered strawberries with Marmee and all the kids had to line up to get one.

Movies with cousins in the basement.

Another attempt at a smile...

These kids sure love their baby brother.

I keep telling Tyler just a little bit longer and Jackson will be able to play with him.

I bought passes to Airborne and they expired after a month. It ended up being bad timing because Brandon took the kids to St. George and then all our cousins were in town but we finally went to use them on the last day we could. The kids were all kind of sick and they weren't that interested in jumping around so it was a little disappointing but I still think overall they had fun.