Monday, July 15, 2019

Good Bye to Jordan and Annie

We had our crazy lunch at Pizza Factory that we do when everyone is in town. It is seriously nuts to go out to eat with so many people, but we love it. We arranged the tables into a big square in the back private room and the kids ran around like crazy. Chandra flew home after this lunch.

Ava missed a lot of naps during these crazy weeks and looked so cute passed out on the couch. Notice her baby carrier full of stuff next to her.

She is going through the hoarder phase Kallie went through where she packs as much stuff as she can into back packs and purses and shoves it all on her stroller and then pushes it around the house.

Friday night we said good bye to Jordan and Annie's family before they left for England. They will be gone for four years. So we had to take some before pics of the kids with their cousins.
Mavis and Ava.

Annie snuggling Jackson.

Kallie, Colby, and Tyler.

Annie bought some sidewalk chalk and the kids went crazy with it out on the basketball court. So fun for them to have such a huge canvas to work on. It was so cute!

Brandon and all of his brothers in their old scout shirts. We decided to take a picture in them before we made Karen throw them away.

Another keepsake picture, my dad is getting rid of his accordion so I told my mom to take a picture of him with it. So many memories as a kid of my dad playing this.