Monday, July 8, 2019

South Fork

We finally got to do some of our own fireworks the night of the 5th. We all got eaten alive by mosquitoes. What were we thinking not using bug spray?

An attempt to capture a smile on camera...

Mckinley has been asking me for years to do a lemonade stand and I never let her because it stresses me out too much. Well I finally decided to just let her learn how to do things on her own and I'm trying to not baby her as much, so she did one. She did everything herself and had a successful first day! I think they only stayed out for like 45 minutes and they made $6.50. So cute.

One of my favorite activities we did when all the cousins were in town was go up the canyon to South Fork Park for an evening. We had a picnic dinner and played lawn games and Tara did an FHE lesson for the kids. The weather was perfect and we had such a great time.

Shellee was so sweet to hold Jackson for me a ton so I could enjoy myself.

I stole this last picture from Chandra. We were playing Kub. We live in such a beautiful place.