Saturday, July 20, 2019

July Summer Fun

Man, looking back through my pictures ALWAYS makes me feel so blessed to live the life I live. We have had such an amazing summer. I had zero expectations for this summer since we were having a new baby but I have been pleasantly surprised at all the fun we have been able to have!

Mckinley is so creative and thought of this cute jar lid cross stitch all on her own. She made one for herself and one for each of her two best friends. So cute!

I lost my milk from all of our 4th of July family activities and not being able to pump as often so it was time to break out the frozen milk. I had 60 bags of 7 oz each! And Jackson wouldn't drink them. So I put him on formula and after a couple weeks I tried again and now he is drinking the frozen milk. Phew!

I was able to go to a retirement party for one of the Radiologists I used to work for. It was so great seeing a bunch of the people I used to work with! Especially this gem. Heidi is my angel. She has helped me through each of my pregnancies and miscarriages and I honestly don't know what I would do without her.

Love sweet sleeping pictures of my babies!

Ever trying to capture his smiles on camera. Ha ha.

Fun picnic in the backyard when we were having a play date with my friend Sarah.

Play dates with cousins are a great part of summer. The kids were all looking through our look a like books. It was so fun listening to all the things they were finding. These are the best books!

My friend Christina hosted all of us for lunch and to let the kids play outside. It was such a great day!

These girls are such amazing friends. I love every time we get to be together! Elleny, Rebecca, Serena, Blair, me, and Christina.

Our ward had a really fun summer BBQ. Last year we got rained and hailed on, this year we were all dripping sweat. We still had a great time though.

Ava decided all on her own that she wanted a puppy dog on her face and the girl painting faces did such a great job!

Kallie won the jar of candy thanks to the suggestion of her dad to guess the right number!

Now that I am done pumping I feel so free! I have gone over to Kristen's house a few times and just stayed there for like 6 hours. It's so fun to visit with her while the kids play. She has a fun bounce house that she put up outside for the kids.

Kallie, Maverik, and Tyler. The triplets. :)

Kayler is so obsessed with babies. She is always asking me to hold Jackson. She is so cute! I caught her just softly rubbing his face. So adorable.

Jackson loves baths so much! If he is fussy and crying I can put him in his tub and he will calm down right away. Look at that smile!

I loved this sign Tyler made. He is such a boy and I just love him so much.

We won a cold stone gift card at a pool party this summer and we have been going and using it and enjoying trying different flavors.

Family movie night in Mom and Dad's room!

Brandon worked so hard to get Kallie's front tooth out.

Then the next night he worked on Mckinley's vampire tooth and got it out. Tyler's two top teeth are loose and Kallie's other top tooth is a total snaggle tooth right now. Brandon's got his work cut out for him!

Of course summer time always includes lots of bike riding! I'm excited for next year when Jackson will hopefully be big enough to sit in the bike trailer with Ava and I can join them!