Saturday, October 18, 2014

BYU Homecoming Parade and Hogle Zoo

Saturday, October 18th started out as a really fun day. We took the kids to the BYU Homecoming parade and had so much fun!!! The weather was amazing. The kids got a ton of candy and loved being there.

Right after that we were supposed to go to the zoo with Brandon's family but I discovered I was bleeding (I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time) and so I stayed home and Brandon took the kids to the zoo. We were supposed to go to the zoo on Tyler and Kallie's birthday but it rained all that day so it got pushed back a few weeks. I was so excited to go. I really love the zoo and I was excited to see the kids' reaction. Brandon didn't take very many pictures because he was too busy keeping track of all the kids by himself but he said they had a great time.

Tyler and Kallie with their cousin Hadlee who is younger but much taller! We have two shorties on our hands. :)