Sunday, October 12, 2014


Tyler is our sweet, sensitive boy. He is just the best. He is all boy and loves trucks, cars, trains, balls, and airplanes. He totally has a manly growl and yell when he wants to too. And he has a deep laugh sometimes too. He seriously makes me so happy.

He has been so good at staying in his bed until the last few days (more on that in another post). I thought this picture was so cute of him sleeping upside down in his bed.

The one thing that is so hard about Tyler is how picky he is of an eater. It drives me absolute nuts and causes me so much stress!!! This is what I gave him for lunch one day. I keep saying I can't wait till he is a little older and I can really reason with him and get him to try new foods, but I'm probably getting my hopes up for nothing.

I have a really hard time doing individual posts on Tyler and Kallie. I always end up talking about both of them. We really love our Tyler though and it just makes my heart so happy to have a little boy. I love him to death.