Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was so much fun this year! Our kids are at really good ages where they can walk everywhere on their own, and they actually understand partly what is going on. We really enjoyed ourselves.

My sister Kristen invited us to her ward party and Mckinley was obsessed with this kid and his headless costume! She wanted to get her picture with him. The kids also loved seeing the Elsa's, Anna's, and Olaf's, and pretty much thought they were the real people, even though they were kids. Ha! Mckinley had the cutest Elsa dress she could have worn this year but she wanted to wear her fairy costume instead. I was fine with that. I think there were enough Elsa's to go around this year. :)

Tyler and Kallie refused to wear their monster capes until I told them they had to to get candy. They didn't complain after that!

My mom bought Kallie this cutest mouse costume for her birthday, and she actually loved wearing it! She also had a cute candy corn costume this year that she wore to a party with her cousins.

The kids had a lot of fun at our own ward party.

Kallie is trying to put vampire teeth in Tyler's mouth for him. Melts my heart!

Mckinley begged and begged to go to a pumpkin patch and we finally did on the day of Halloween and I bought her a pumpkin and went home and carved it for her. We lit it up in the laundry room so the kids could see it, and then never ended up lighting it up outside. But she was so happy with it!

Trick or treating was lots of fun. My favorite was watching Mckinley just run up to the doors on her own and then her friend Kaylie, and Tyler and Kallie would follow behind. She had so much fun!

My THREE kids trick or treating together. Such great memories! Every year is just going to get more fun as they get holder. Holidays make me happy.