Saturday, October 11, 2014


Kallie is our little spitfire girl. She drives me crazy sooo much. But she is also adorably cute. She is always getting hurt. She split open her chin on the side of the bathtub. We didn't get stitches or anything and it is healing up very nicely. It's underneath her chin so you can't see it.

Then this month she fell and hit her nose on a cement stair. It was scraped up so bad. My sweet neighbor gave me some Lavender oil to put on it and it healed up so nicely!

Kallie love love loves her babies and strollers. She is always taking care of them and wants to have them up on the couch with her while she sits. It's adorable.

I was pregnant. Twice actually. Once with twins and once with one baby. And all three babies died. We never told our kids about the twin pregnancy but we did tell them about the next one. It was fun to enjoy it with them for a few weeks before it ended. Kallie still thinks I have a baby in my tummy and she still likes to put her baby in her tummy. She is also completely obsessed with this stuffed lamb that used to be Mckinley's.

We took off the crib rails on Tyler and Kallie's cribs just after they turned 2. Kallie is so wild and does not stay in bed and ends up falling asleep anywhere in her room. A couple times it's been right up next to the door and she blocks me from getting in. She really hates when I close the door and those are the only times she goes and sleeps there. Tyler has been able to open doors for a while now but Kallie still can't. We are hoping that lasts as long as possible!

Kallie is talking a ton. She will pretty much say anything you tell her to and she has started speaking in sentences. It is so cute. She and Tyler both have lisps that are pretty cute. It's so nice having them be able to tell us what they want!