Monday, October 13, 2014


I could do a 20 page post on Mckinley. She is just the best little thing to ever have happened to me. I don't know what I would do without her. She is such a sweetheart and helps me so much with Tyler and Kallie. She is so creative. She loves to draw. She walks around the house singing songs she is making up as she goes. She loves playing pretend. She doesn't really play with other kids much and is perfectly fine with that. She is so good at quoting movies and guessing what movie certain songs are from.

Mckinley is learning so much in school. She goes to school next door at our neighbor Robin's house. I miss her so much while she's gone but it makes me so happy to know she is having fun and learning a lot because I don't have as much attention to give her as I would like. Since we live next door, she gets to go spend a lot of time in the school room after school. Tyler and Kallie love being there and sitting on the little chairs and coloring.

Sometimes we are there so Mckinley can finish her work that she didn't get finished in school. She is a bit of a perfectionist. And hello, look at this! The other kids just scribbled all over the dinosaur with one color but not Mckinley. She had to go and do a rainbow that took forever!

This has Mckinley written all over it. Her bathtub letters organized by color, in patterns, stacked up. Oh, how I love her.

She would paint all day if I let her. I'm pretty sure Santa needs to bring some new paints and A LOT of paper to her this Christmas.

Here she is playing with her cute friend Kenzey. These guys have been playing together ever since they were babies. They get along so well and have the best time together, even if Mckinley can never remember Kenzey's name. Mckinley has a thing with names. She can't remember anyone's name!

Mckinley loves coming on special dates with me and Brandon. This is at a BYU basketball game. She has so much fun looking out for Cosmo but gets a little scared when he comes up close. She did give him a high five.