Thursday, July 25, 2019

Bees Game and Cabin Trip

Ava and Kallie clipped toilet paper in their hair one day and were dancing around. I love how much my kids play with each other.

She had also covered herself in stickers. Ha ha ha.

We got to go swimming with Elleny at the Edgewater pool. I didn't swim because of Jackson, but the rest of the kids sure had a blast.

I think I have like 5 or 6 pictures like this now. I always take a picture of Jackson at our swimming events so we know he was there, even though he hasn't gone swimming yet.

And then there was the day they put all our bows in Ava's hair.

Our little baby Jackson is growing up! He was in the 1st percentile for weight at his 2 month check up. But he is so much more alert and he really is getting bigger.

Brandon's dad invited us to a Bee's game. It was pretty hot but we had a great time! I love all the memories we are making with our kids.

My mom planned a family reunion at the cabin. I didn't want to go because Jackson was at a pretty fussy stage, and there wasn't really room at the cabin for everyone going. We ended up going and just staying one night. It was hard, but hopefully the kids enjoyed it enough for it to be worth it. I think my mom appreciated that we came.

We actually went straight to Fairview first for a Pioneer Day parade.

Then we headed up to the cabin. The kids did lots of swinging and playing with cousins.

The wild flowers were everywhere and were so beautiful! I really wanted to get a family picture out on the deck but it never happened.

Ava slept in the closet in our bedroom and I found her like this with her head totally hanging off her little mattress.

Jackson was fussy in the evening and it took him a long time to settle down, but once he did, he slept the whole night! It was such a blessing because I was really worried about waking up and taking care of him in the middle of the night. He didn't wake up till 6.

Ella painted the kids faces.

We went back down to Fairview the next day to get lunch at T-cees. It was pretty good food.

Ava loved looking at these horses we passed on the road on our way into town. She was so sad when we came back and they were way up on the hill.

We also checked out the mammoth that was found in Huntington Reservoir and went to the museum in Fairview that has all sorts of antique items. So crazy that I have been going to Fairview my whole life and we always just drive straight up the canyon to the cabin and have never visited any of these places.

They had all these old buggies and high chairs.

Old telephones.

A wheelchair.

An old TV.

It was really fun to go and see all this stuff. The building itself is ancient.

We had a fun time at the lake. Brandon was able to take Kallie and Ava out on the kayak and Mckinley rode on one with Ella.

Tyler and Ez had fun floating rubber ducks down the stream.

Kristen and Amy made us a turkey dinner. I guess it has always been my mom's dream to have turkey dinner at the cabin? It was yummy and of course Mckinley asked for the drumstick.

My baby sister Amy turned 30 while we were there.

It was pretty hard always having to hold Jackson and not having anywhere to set him down. My sister brought me a portable bassinet and so that definitely helped and gave us somewhere to put him but for the most part we just had to hold him the whole time.

On our way home we saw some deer and I noticed there were two fawns with them! I made Brandon turn around so we could all get a closer look. It was so amazing. I think that's the first time I've ever seen baby fawns. They were covered in spots. So cool!!